Pace Edwards - SWFA05A28 - F150 Switchblade Tonneau Cover for 5.5ft Bed (15-20)

by Pace Edwards
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  • 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150 (including all SuperCrew variants)

Note - Fits all F-150's with 5ft 6in bed only (SuperCab & SuperCrew models)

Product Details

Turning your truck bed into a secure storage area while maintaining full use of your truck bed is a breeze with the Pace Edwards Switchblade tonneau cover.

The Switchblade can be mounted in minutes and can be removed just as easily to allow full bed access. The Pace Edwards Switchblade is designed with a Continuous Tension Spring that allows the cover to roll in or out of the canister smoothly. This spring action is also what allows you to operate this cover from either side with one hand. The tonneau cover is made of aluminum panels bonded with Pace's patented ArmorTek.

ArmorTek is a padded weather resistant polymer. This layer is bonded right to the aluminum panels and gives the truck bed cover a "soft Top" look and feel without compromising on security. A full width handle and pull strap are also included for your convenience. Installation of the Switchblade is like no other cover in its class. The only tools you need are a 7/16" wrench and a Phillips head screwdriver.

Pace Edwards designed this cover to install with clamps and no need for any drilling. The best part about the Switchblade is that it can be uninstalled and bundled up with an included storage strap for storage when you need your full truck bed.


Designed for quick installation and removal in minutes using a Phillips head screwdriver and 7/16 inch wrench. This allows for a secure, covered bed or full bed access with no drilling needed.


The cover is constructed from aluminum slats with an ArmorTek overlay for add durability. ArmorTek is a weather resistant polymer that is bonded to the aluminum slats for a high quality finish.


Pace Edwards uses a compact canister that takes up less space in the truck's bed. The no-drill installation means it can be quickly removed in minutes.


The Switchblade uses built-in channels to funnel excess water down the mounting rails and out the bed using the supplied drain tubes.


A Continuous Tension Spring allows the cover to retract smoothly and easily into the canister with minor effort.


A convenient pull strap allows the cover to be closed at the back of the bed. No need to climb in the bed or walk around the side to grab the handle.





About Pace Edwards


Launched as a company that made and sold sailboat parts, Pace Edwards has innovated and evolved into a market leader in truck accessories. In 1988, we became the first company to offer a retractable truck bed cover. 

Pace Edwards continues to lead the industry, specializing in spring-activated and electric retractable covers. Just as our customers' needs have changed over the years, we continue to add new products to our line. 

In 2000, Pace Edwards purchased Bedlocker, adding a motorized retractable option to the line. In the years since, we’ve introduced Jackrabbit (2002), Full-Metal Jackrabbit (2006) Switchblade (2013), and UltraGroove (2016) giving customers access to a variety of hardworking retractable covers to meet the needs of our customer’s diverse lifestyle and work needs. 

Today, as part of the Truck Accessories Group LLC, we remain committed to creating high-quality products that are rugged and reliable. Each is designed to give our customers convenient, versatile and secure options for their truck cargo and gear. 

We strive to give our customers the highest level of technical support and customer service, then back our products with the best warranties in the industry.